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getting started

Soup of the day

Trio of Gruyère Cheese Breads

Homemade chips with toast of our breads

Steak tartar
(minced chopped on the knife with purple onions, capers, pickles, Dijon mustard and fresh parsley) with potato chips and green salad

Burrata with tomato and arugula confit

(JB and Beach only)

Beef carpaccio, parsley sauce, almond flakes and parmesan crostini

 Tomato focaccia with seasoned olive oil

children’s garden

Infant meat dish:
strips of filet mignon (100 grams), rice, beans and French fries

Infant chicken dish:
chicken scallions (100 grams), rice, beans and mashed potatoes)


Green salad: mix of leaves, cherry tomatoes and almonds

Smoked brazilian chicken salad with “baroa” potato sticks

Couscous salad with curried chicken and paprika, roasted aubergine, French beans and purple onion

Arugula salad with roasted pumpkin, goat cheese, pecan praline and honey and Dijon mustard sauce

Quinoa and lentils, mushrooms, purple onions, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, caramel pecan nuts and tahini sauce with olive oil and lemon

Chickpea salad, dates, crunchy feta cheese and arugula


Quiche do Jardim – Made with escarol
(If you have never tried… try… we recommend)

Vegetable quiche with goat chees

Quiche of smoked chicken and corn

Shrimp and garlic quiche

Gluten free quiche cheese mines and roasted onion

Pie Of Chicken With Catupiry


Neapolitan Omelette
(buffalo mozzarella, smoked turkey breast, tomato and oregano)

Mixed mushroom omelet with fresh parsley
(JB and Beach only)

Fresh asparagus omelet with truffle oil

Smoked salmon omelette with garlic and basil


zucchini and grilled eggplant, sweet and sour chillies, hummus tahine in the Garden Bread (cereal and pumpkin seed)

Salmão defumado, cream cheese cítrico, picles artesanal, tomate cereja e rúcula no Australiano

Roast beef, goat’s cheese, Dijon mustard and purple onion marmelade on Focaccia

Pepperoni Black Burger:
200 grams hamburger blend of selected beef and pepperoni on black bread, gruyère cheese, bacon, roasted onion and tomato confit. (it comes with guacamole and curd)

Our hot dog:
two frankfurt type special sausages, melted brie cheese, Dijon mustard sauce and sauce the special campaign on the bread of milk
(JB and Ipanema only)

main dishes

Fish fillet of the day, mashed potatoes with parsley pesto, sautéed vegetables and salted granola

Grilled salmon, saffron sauce, couscous with shitake, French beans and cherry tomatoes

Penne with the funghi sauce with strips of filet mignon
(JB and Beach only)

Minced minced meat with wine sauce, pasture-raised egg, white rice, banana flour, cabbage and tomato salad

Quinoa couscous accompanied by dehydrated goji berry, vegetables
(carrot and zucchini), sunflower seed and cashew nuts, seasoned with parsley pesto

Couscous of quinoa and goji berry – option with prawns


Tropical paradise
(Inspiração de Verão – manga, maracujá e coco)

Garden of Delights
(Inspiração de Outono – Limão siciliano, chocolate amargo e ao leite e merengue)

Ouro Negro
(Inspiração de Inverno – Chocolate, caramelo salgado e girassol crocante)

(Inspiração de Primavera – Chocolate, compota de morango, baunilha e merengue)

Belgian chocolate eclair

Vanilla ice cream with caramel crunch Opera Cake

Opera Cake
(classic french chocolate cake with coffee)

Red fruit tartelette

Walnut tartelette with apple

Belgian chocolate pie with hazelnut praline

Trio Tasting:
Belgian chocolate pie with hazelnut praline, Pie Opera and Pie Garden of Delights

caramel with salt flower, chocolate, hazelnut, lemon with basil and Pistachio with amarena (only in Ipanema and JB

Chocolate diet mousse with toasted macadamia nuts

Classic Puff Pastr


Aperol Spritz
(A classic made as tradition says: Aperol, sparkling and sparkling water. We are the Aperol embassy in Brazil)

Tea and Tonic Gin

(JB and Ipanema only) (Gin Beefeater, green tea Dammam Frères, Tonic water and tangerine peel)

Sweet Mary sem vodka

Sweet Mary com vodka

(deliciously seasoned tomato juice)

King’s Garden
(homage to Mojito, in a breakfast version: mint, sour, rum and coconut water)



Tangerine with ginger, lemon duo with brown sugar, strawberry with sicilian lemon

other alcohols


Stella Artois


(witbier style gourmet Rio beer)

Cachaça Yaguara
(100% organic dose)

Cachaça Leblon

wines in glass

Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

Casa Silva Collection Carménère (Chile)

Kleinkloof Chenin Blanc
(South Africa)

Pieno Sud Rosato

Chandon Reserve Brut

Chandon Reserve Rosé