getting started with


 Fruit salad

 Avocado cream

 Mashed banana with oats and honey

 Baked plantain with peanut and cinnamon paste

 Garden Yogurt
(House Yogurt)

(House granola)

 Parfait of the Garden
(yogurt, strawberry jam, chia, granola and caramelized banana)

our shakshuka: ovo grego


Scrambled eggs

Fried eggs with bacon

Moroccan eggs
(poché with tomato sauce and spices)

Greek egg
(poché with tomato sauce, spices, goat cheese, spinach and tapenade)

Panovo: toast with an egg in the center, toasted with butter in the frying pan

Benedictine Egg
(in house brioche with hollandaise sauce)
– with smoked turkey breast
– with smoked salmon

Lady and the Tramp: a small boat of truffle puff pastrywith poached egg

cold cuts

Sítio Solidão Minas Cheese
Standard Minas Cheese
 Special “Ball “Cheese
 Smoked turkey breast
Royale Ham
Smoked salmon


 Simple tapioca

Tapioca with Standard Minas Cheese

 Buffalo mozzarella tapioca with tomato and oregano

 Caipira Egg Tapioca

 Nutella Tapioca

what to spread on the bread or tapioca


Common butter

Garden Butter
(house butter, with fig)

Garden creamy cheese
(house creamy cheese)

Jelly of the day
(house jelly)

Whole Peanut Paste


Polenguinho creamy cheese