getting started with


 Fruit salad

 Avocado cream

 Mashed banana with oats and honey

 Baked plantain with peanut and cinnamon paste

 Garden Yogurt
(House Yogurt)

(House granola)

 Parfait of the Garden
(yogurt, strawberry jam, chia, granola and caramelized banana)


Scrambled eggs

Fried eggs with bacon

Moroccan eggs
(poché with tomato sauce and spices)

Greek egg
(poché with tomato sauce, spices, goat cheese, spinach and tapenade)

Panovo: toast with an egg in the center, toasted with butter in the frying pan

Benedictine Egg
(in house brioche with hollandaise sauce)
– with smoked turkey breast
– with smoked salmon

Lady and the Tramp: a small boat of truffle puff pastrywith poached egg

cold cuts

Sítio Solidão Minas Cheese
Standard Minas Cheese
 Special “Ball “Cheese
 Smoked turkey breast
Royale Ham
Smoked salmon


 Simple tapioca

Tapioca with Standard Minas Cheese

 Buffalo mozzarella tapioca with tomato and oregano

 Caipira Egg Tapioca

 Nutella Tapioca

what to spread on the bread or tapioca


Common butter

Garden Butter
(house butter, with fig)

Garden creamy cheese
(house creamy cheese)

Jelly of the day
(house jelly)

Whole Peanut Paste


Polenguinho creamy cheese

Handmade bean paste


Natural fermentation baguette


100%Wholemeal bread
(JB and Ipanema only)

Traditional Croissant

Milk bread

Good bread
(IMS only)

Garden bread
(cereais e semente de abóbora)

Corn bread

Espelt bread
(JB and Ipanema only)

Joker bread
(Sourdough bread)

Loaf bread toast

Gluten free bread

 Gruyére cheese bread

 Cheese Bureka
(Puff pastry, filled with cheese and covered in sesame seeds)

Toasty and crispy

 Toasted buttered Baguette

  • With Milk bread
  • With Garden bread (2 slices)
  • With Sourdough bread (2 slices)
  • With Polenguinho Creamy Cheese

 Grilled ham and cheese sandwich
(Loaf of bread or baguette)

 Hot cheese sandwich
(Loaf of bread or baguette)

 Minas cheese hot sandwich

(Wholemeal or baguette)

 Light cheese sandwich
(Wholemeal form or baguette)

  Canoe shaped bread with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil

 Toasted Ham and Cheese Croissant

 Brie croissant with apricot jam

 Croque Monsieur

 Croque Madame

 Cheese Bureka


 Aperol Spritz
(A classic made as tradition says: Aperol, sparkling wine and sparkling water. We are the Aperol embassy in Brazil)

 Tea and Tonic Gin
(Gin Beefeater, green tea Dammam Frères, Tonic and tangerine bark) – only JB and Ipanema

Sweet Mary without vodka

Sweet Mary with vodka
(deliciously seasoned tomato juice)

Caipirinhas and Caipivodkas

  King’s Garden
(tribute to Mojito, in a breakfast version: mint, sour, rum and coconut water)


Flute of sparkling wine

for a sweetest morning

Cake of the day

Almond Croissant

Chocolate croissant

Cookie of two Belgian chocolates

Sweet puff pastry
(IMS only)

to drink

 Espresso coffee

 Double espresso coffee


 Coffee with milk

 Decaffeinated Espresso

 Traditional Cappuccino

 Chocolate Cappuccino

 Almond Milk Purifica

 Hot chocolate

 Cold Toddy

 Red fruit smoothie

(iced coffee with milk froth and macadamia) – Only JB and Ipanema

 Orange juice

 Juice of the day

 Detox Juice
(JB and Ipanema only)

 Natural coconut water

 Baer maté tea
(JB and Ipanema only)


 Cold Leão maté tea/ Zero calorie Leão maté tea

 Maté tea of the Garden
(House maté)

 Tea of the day
(infusion of homemade herbs)

 Garden Tea
(made in the house with hibiscus flower and apple)

 Tea Shop tea

 Mineral water without gas

 Carbonated mineral water

 San Pellegrino sparkling water