hungry for what?

hungry for what?

You may be hungry for lunch – or with that hunger in the afternoon , no problem: diversity is the motto of our menu (and our life).

In addition to the breakfast menu we have the Bistro menu, with entrees, hot plates, irresistible sandwiches, salads quiches. In the three units we also have the Special of the Day, special recipies (that don’t belong to the regular menu) prepared with seasonal ingredients (during the week, we even provide a light option).

A highlight of our menu is the Patisserie, classic French inspired delicacies to nurture your heart: éclairs, tartelettes, pies, mousse, petit fours and much more! The Belgian Chocolate Pie with Hazelnut Praline (or Torta Belgian, for the intimates) has already showed up in a newspaper highlight dubbed as “Orgasm Cake”,could you believe?

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