produced daily by our “gardeners”

Chickpea (hummus tahine) made as the original recipe recommends

Tuna with truffled olive oil

Vegetables Caponata

Poultry liver pâté

Homemade cottage cheese

brazilian handmade cheeses

Handmade cheese Ribeirão (Santa Catarina).
Buttery, unctuous, little salty, melts well

Handmade Cheese Serra da Canastra (Minas Gerais).
Firm, easy-to-cut cheese, not very salty, with a nut aroma.

Handmade Cheese Figueira

other cheeses

Cured goat – Ranch of dreams

Burrata Vitalatte


(Serves from 10 to 12 servings)

Minas Cheese and baked onion (Gluten free)

Vegetables with goat cheese

Mushroom and leek

Brie and apricot

Chicken pot pie with catupiry cheese

Shrimp pot pie with catupiry cheese

Madeleines de limão

cookies and other delights

Cookie of two Belgian chocolates
(bittersweet and milk chocolate)


Madeleine of lemon
petit-four French with lemon zest

another traditional French petit-four based on almonds – we have versions with pistachios or chocolate drops

Chocolate cookies
with buttery orange, perfect to be served with coffee

Milk  brownie
with walnuts and hazelnuts

Tapioca breadstick




Baguette | Baguette


Traditional Croissant: 29 delicious layers of plump pasta interspersed with butter.
(around 90 grams) Natural fermentation

Almond Croissant:
the traditional croissant gains vanilla filling and rolled almonds, making it even more irresistible. (approx 150gr)

Chocolate Croissant
 Filling of Belgian chocolate

Chocolate bread:
a creation of our Garden, Belgian chocolate is mixed directly into the mass.

Milk bread

 Gruyère cheese puffs
Elected best “pão de queijo” of Rio – Veja Magazine 2020

Jardim bread
Our deareast, with seed and cereals.

Coringa bread

100% wholewheat 

Gluten free

French Baguette

Homemade toasts



Flourless banana bread with walnuts and brown sugar


Lime and Yoghurt



Cornmeal with cheese

Carrot cake with chocolate syrup

Carrot cake 

Sweet corn cake

Sicilian lemon with blueberries

Cassava and coconut

Passion fruit and coconut